Thermal Technology Performance Tyre Warmers Multiple Colors/Sizes

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PERFORMANCE - The best relationship between quality and price. 


Made in the EU, and provided in a bag for transport, these easy to use tire warmers heat to 85° Celsius and still feature the same carbon fiber resistors and high build quality you expect from Thermal Technology - the choice of Champions!


Technical Data:

  • Standard 110V US power supply
  • Carbon Fiber Resistors
  • Heating regulation with bimetallic thermostat 85°C
  • Nylon external fabric
  • Insulation with reflective layer
  • Heating element with transversal and longitudinal shape
  • Cotton internal fabric
  • Elastic cord on skirt


Available in multiple sizes and colors. Please see the size chart below:


TE_PER_XXXS XXXS Minimoto 6.5"
TE_PER_XXS XXS Ohvale/Scooter 10"
TE_PER_XS XS Pit Bike 12"
TE_PER_S S 120
TE_PER_H H Historic 18"
TE_PER_M M 160
TE_PER_L L 180
TE_PER_XL XL 190/200

Available in Black, Blue, or Red