Thermal Technology Tyrewarmers Evo-Dual Zone with heated skirt, Multiple Sizes, MotoGP, WSBK

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The ultimate in performance tire warmers!


Used by top level championship winning teams at all levels of competition, from MotoGP, WSBK, WSS, BSB, MOTOAMERICA, and more.


EVO DUAL ZONE - Maximum level model used from Worldwide Championship teams.

Made with a Nomex fabric (interior & exterior) with our new TDH (Total Diffusion Heater) fabric core. These tire warmers feature 2 independently managed heating areas, complete with sensors managed by a central control unit ensuring a completely even temperature across the entire surface of the tire.


This eliminates a common problem with conventional tire warmers where the top of the tire would always be the warmest and the bottom the coldest - leading to a loss of consistency and stability on track. Our intelligent design allows for peak temperatures (controllable) of up to 120° Celsius.


Custom colors and logos can be added to the EVO DUAL ZONE Tire Warmers upon request (additional fee applies).  S and M size are available as a special order.


Technical Data:

  • Black Aramid Nomex fabric.
  • Adjustable temperature range up to 120° Celsius
  • Double thermo-reflective layers.
  • Transversal and longitudinal electric layout.
  • Aramid Nomex fabric in contact with tyre and heating element.
  • Velcro closure on the orange tie with black silicon control unit.
  • TT embroidery on the external cloth in 2 positions.
  • Elastic stretcher on conformed miniskirt and in relief on the electrical part to ease the assembly.
  • Current: 115V (for US plugs - if you need these for European plug styles, please let us know!).
  • Power usage: Front Tire Warmer - 370W; Rear Tire Warmer: 560W.
  • Temperature control with the electronic unit and probe.
  • Carbon Fiber resistors with an aluminum diffuser.
  • 1,80m bipolar cable.


Available in multiple sizes:

TE_EVO_DZ_S S 120 On request
TE_EVO_DZ_M M 160 On request
TE_EVO_DZ_XL XL 190/200