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Colours: Black, Orange

Very helpful product recommended for races and competitions; permit to heat quickly the rim.
Made by high quality materials; the internal surface temperature is managed by a 80°C thermostat.
The internal structure permit his placement inside the miniskirt without any fixing system.

- 2,55mm neoprene disc with central hole and round opening for the insertion in the wheel with a steel wire as reinforcement.
- Orange border and central stripe with TT embroidery.
- Electric part realized in aramid fabric on the aluminium disc.
- Mechanical protection realized in polyester fabric.

Technical data:
- Current: 230V.
- Couple front discs power: 130W.
- Couple rear discs power: 130W.
- Carbon Fiber resistors.
- Aluminium thermal diffuser.
- Temperature controlled by means of an 80°C mechanical thermostat on the aluminium diffuser.
- Green LED signal operation.
- 1,80m bipolar cable.

Rim heater front/rear kit furnished in a zip closure case.
Certified product MADE IN EU
Certificate Europe ISO 9001:2008


This product comply with the electric security measures concerning the low voltage directive 2006/95/Ce and with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements concerning the directive 2004/108/CE

The rim heaters and tyre warmers are an essential accessories for racing motorcycle.
Both for professional rider that for amateur are very important.
The heating of the tires before use on the track or in the race ensures maximum GRIP and longer lifespan of the tires.
Enter in track with cold tires and rims is very dangerous, especially in the early laps.

Our target is to heat tyres and rims motorcycle:
Thermal Technology, thanks to a collaboration with the most important MotoGP teams, has developed a new technology for tyrewarmers.
Our products are at the cutting edge of technology and conceived to satisfy any performance requirements.

The tyrewarmers and rim heaters of Thermal Technology thanks to their quality and performance have been selected over the years by the following teams:
Gresini Racing MotoGP, Gresini Racing Pirro Action, Moto 2 Gresini Racing, Bautista Team Gresini Racing Grid, Althea Racing Team, Althea Racing Aprilia ufficiali Team - SBK, Team Go&Fun Honda Gresini, Team BMW Italia, BMW Motorrad SBK, GTM 94 Yamaha R1 Racing France Michelin, ART Team AB Cardion MotoGP.

Brand: Thermal Tecnology
Delivery Time: 3 - 10 working days

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