Suzuki GSXR 1000 2017+ Engine Start/Stop Switch + Domino XM2 Quick Turn Throttle

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This is an engine start/stop and quick turn throttle kit. OEM right handlebar switch comes in a combined housing switch and throttle. This means you can change one without the other. Also in case of a crash you will loose both controls as well. This uprgade is highly recommended for track duty bikes but is an excellent thing to have on the street as well.

If you purchase a switch and Throttle housing from us you get a 10% discount on both products.


This is what your handlebar will look with our kit installed.


Switch Particulars:

● Ideal for racing and street application, to save space and weight where it matters. 

● Designed for 22 mm standard clip on handle bars.

● Main functions are ignition circuit activator / breaker and starter activation.

Quick Turn Racing Throttle Particulars:

Made of lightweight aluminum with titanium hardware, this XM2 Throttle kit is the ultimate in lightweight performance and includes three different cams to adjust the cable pull.  These are used by the pros in World Super Sport 300 on their Yamaha R3's for a reason!

 Works with the OEM cables. Grips also not included.