MWR Aprilia 09-15 RSV4 HE Air Filter

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Our new and improved HE air filter can now be installed without the original filter holder. This new design creates a better seal with the airbox and increases the airflow between the filter frame and splitter-plate which equates to more power for your bike (average gains of the filter alone for most bikes, before any tuning or exhaust is 4-6 HP)!


We were also able to lower the plate and now the MWR-500 Plate Adjustment Kit (seen below) can be installed as well for even more power increases.


The wide foam material offers barely any measurable air resistance and the surface area is as large as possible so more air gets to your engine! Also the filters are impregnated with MWR's special oil, so that even the smallest dust particles are stopped.


The High Efficiency (HE) splitter-plate distributes the incoming air across all 4 intake channels and the incoming turbulent air is stabilized and accelerated around the edge of the splitter-plate, which leaves you with a greater volume of air evenly distributed throughout the airbox for easier tuning and maximum power!


The full Race filters are developed on the track, NOT on a dyno, but in real life on bikes with Dataloggers being tested and developed in part with TOP Teams for the ultimate performance. With new materials and a new design, protection is on the same level as the filters above, only for a shorter time before they must serviced.


Street and track day riders should choose the HE air filter, racers in search of the best power gains should choose the Race air filter.


All inlets will get the same quantity of air, regardless of speed on the motorcycle and the wind direction on the track. This new design of air filter has also shown a reduction of up to 8db of intake noise in testing as well as an increase in power.


Top teams and riders in MotoGP, Moto2, WSBK, WSS, BSB, MOTO AMERICA, and other championships choose MWR Air Filters for a reason!


And yes, the oil and filter materials are naturally non-flammable.

    • MWR airfilters are specific performance foam airfilters for motorcycles handmade in the Netherlands.
    • MWR airfilters are made of top quality materials ( FR Foam , stainles steel and aluminium )
    • Unlike all other foam filters MWR airfilters are made entirely from this special Fire Resistant (FR) foam
    • MWR airfilters are continuously developed and improved trackside with MWR supported teams around the world in Moto GP, WSBK, BSB, AMA, World MX, Dakar and Rallycross