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Two (2) button right handle bar race switch for Yamaha YZF-R3 2015-18

REMOVES IGNITION- No need for an Ignition Bypass. Built into switch

If you wish to retain your key, please email us directly

Part No: YAM-15R3-R2-001

● The switch is a direct plug and play replacement for OEM igition switch for Yamaha R3 all models 2015 to 2018

● Ideal for racing and street application, to save space and weight where it matters. 

● A must have if you are upgrading your throttle housing to a quick turn throttle. From the factory bike has a combined throttle and switch housing like Motion Pro or Domino. Therefore replacement of throttle housing necessitates replacement of the switch. Product picture depicts our switch alongside a Domino forged quick turn throttle.This setup saves room on the handlebar and is much more resilient and durable in case of a crash. 

● Designed for 22 mm standard clip on handle bars.

● Main functions are ignition circuit activator / breaker and starter activation.

● Designed and CNC machined in United States from aircraft grade aluminium to be the smallest and lightest on the market.

● Premium buttons with gold plated contact surfaces, manufactured in United States by Otto Engineering

Note1: We have a brake master mounted version of the switch with inline and offset mounting bores. Part No YR3R2RCSO and YR3R2RCSI

Note2: Switch does not have the hazard light button. 

Note3: Brake light cables are not supplied by default but can be shipped on request.