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Upgrade your brake and clutch plumbing with our Titanium high flow Banjo bolts!

Our banjo bolts are manufactured for pure performance and reliability:

  • Safety Wire Bored
  • High Flow Fluid orifice ( see note 2 )
  • Compact head size for 11mm wrench

● Single and Double Bolts with fine or coarse thread are available.

Part numbers:

  • Single Banjo Fine Thread Part# TIBBSF (All Brembo products, OEM European Equipment)
  • Single Banjo Coarse Thread Part# TIBBSC (Japanese Equipment)
  • Double Banjo Coarse Thread Part# TIBBDC

● Manufactured employing Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5) Titanium alloy. This is non recycled aerospace specification Titanium alloy. Superior strength, weight and corrosion resistance compared to steel hardware.

● Designed and manufactured in USA

● Our titanium products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are priced very competitively.

Note: For Brembo calipers and master and slave pumps use fine thread pitch at 1.00mm. For most Japanese bikes use coarse thread pitch at 1.25mm

Note2: Most bikes are sold with 2.5mm fluid channel bore. Our banjo bolts are bored at 3.5mm. This is a 20% increase in fluid channel volume.