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Left and Right handlebar switch set  switch for Ducati Panigale V4, V4S
● Ideal for racing, to save space and weight where it matters. This set allows to replace plastic OEM switch with CNC machined aluminum switches. Provides superior crash resistance.
●  Set consists of two 5 button switches - one for each handlebar. Only track specific functions are retained while street specific are omitted.

● Left Switch functions (Top to Bottom):

  • DPL - Launch Control
  • Left Dash Menu Up
  • Left Dash Menu Down
  • Lap / Passing ( setting lap finish line for manual or DDA lap timer)

● Right Switch functions (Top to Bottom):

  • Quick Change Menu Up
  • Engine RUN/STOP
  • Quick Change Menu SELECT
  • Engine START
  • Quick Change Menu Down

With OEM setup left switch is heavily overloaded with buttons which results in poor ergonomics. We have relocated the rider/quick change menu navigation and select button to the right switch. This is intuitive since visual representation of these function on the dash board is on the right side as well. 

How is our set better than our competitors:

  • Buttons are evenly spread between left & right handlebars allowing for superior ergonomics
  • Left switch requires a LIN bus interface card. Our card is much smaller than   anything else on the market. This allows placing the the harness with the card inside the battery/fuse compartment for extra protection.
  • Our harness design allows relocation of both switch connectors inside the battery/fuse compartment. Our competitors are using short pigtails placing the connectors in the area of fork legs where they can get in the way be pinched or damaged.

● Completely plug and play with OEM connectors. No splicing or soldering required. Installation is reversible in case you need to place the OEM switch back on the motorcycle

NOTE: Switches only work as a set!

NOTE: This set does not have the PIT speed limiter function specific to the V4R model. For V4R please see set with part # DUVRLRS

● Designed and CNC machined in United States from aircraft grade aluminum to be the smallest and lightest on the market.
● Premium, military grade buttons with gold plated contact surfaces, manufactured in United States by Otto Excellence.