GPFAX197HH Sintered Road Race Brake Pads Kawasaki Ninja 300

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GPFAX Sintered Road Race Brake Pads are for RACE ONLY use. This is a blend of brake pad that has higher friction and far better grip than any other brake product on the market.

Listing is for a set of pads for one rotor. For two rotors two sets are required.


A breakthrough in the EBC R&D facility in Ohio has led to the immediate launch of the new GPFAX Sintered Road Race brake pads range that delivers significant benefits over its predecessor compound the GPFA brake pad range. These new pads have been track tested by over a dozen teams and every rider unanimously approved and now prefers the GPFAX grade. Initially lab tests showed this dyno curve of performance after bedding which heralds improvements in maximum brake friction and less "In-stop" brake variation. Track testing has shown that also the "Heat Cycling" ability of the new material is better meaning that the pads can be raced, allowed to cool and repeat the exact same brake characteristics when raced again. The material quickly builds from an initial friction level of 0.6 (which in itself is a massive brake friction level rarely achieved by any competitor material) up to a huge 0.7 with a minimum in stop friction level of 0.65. This tiny fall off from 07 - 0.65 during braking would be almost undetectable by the rider allowing superb brake feedback and control at the lever and allowing feathering of the brake predictably and steadily throughout deceleration. The new material also wears better and causes lower rotor/disc damage that previous materials and should be good for 4-5 race events of typical 20-25 lap duration minimum. Pads should be discarded when less than 2.5 mm of friction material remains to avoid fluid vapor lock due to excess piston fluid volume. GPFAX Sintered Road Race brake pads are a closed circuit use pad only and street/highway riding with this material is highly inadvisable and dangerous. Such high friction levels as delivered by these pads are for ideal track conditions with race tires or slicks on prepared asphalt surfaces and NOT for use with highway tires or on the highway. This material is not ECE R 90 approved nor TUV tested with a German ABE and use on the highway is therefore illegal in many countries.