EVR Billet 12 tooth WSBK Clutch basket for FDU-WET4 (EVR V4 Wet clutch)

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BRAND NEW FOR 2018, the FDU-WET4 EVR Slipper Clutch is not just a slight change to make last years clutch fit this years bike. Instead EVR spent over a year developing this clutch in conjunction with the Ducati Factory, and Satellite racing partners.


The end result is a completely new, redesigned, and amazingly smooth, yet in control racing slipper clutch. Expect to see plenty of these in WSBK!!!


Why replace the perfectly good slipper in these bikes? Well because its just not that great of a slipper clutch and this one is!


Used by every single Ducati Panigale in WSBK for a reason! Pictures are from Laguna Seca WSBK round of 2015.


EVR Clutches are also used by the MV Agusta WSBK, and WSS teams, several Kawasaki teams, and the Honda WSBK team. So there is NO question - the best clutch, is an EVR Italian Slipper Clutch.


The EVR slipper clutch is simply the BEST slipper clutch out there. It will help eliminate rear-wheel chatter and reduce chassis instability during aggressive downshifting. Slipper clutches reduce the engine-braking effect the makes the rear wheel hop around under heavy downshifting.

Comes with Red retainers, but Other colors are available if you want to run the Ducabike "oil-quarium" Clear Clutch Cover


  • Patented technology that only moves the cover, not the drum reducing friction, wear, and rotating weight
  • Saves pounds of rotating weight, allowing your bike to rev faster!
  • Stops rear wheel hop under heavy braking for corner entry
  • Greatly reduces stress on your chain, increasing its life, and preventing catastrophic failures
  • Suitable for Racing, Track, and Street riding
  • Highly effective engine to clutch-to-rear wheel power management system decreases unwanted engine braking and rear wheel drag when braking hard for a corner
  • Prevents damage to the engine and gearbox by reducing the mechanical stress caused by the back-torque of the engine and avoiding any chance of over-revving
  • Provides better clutch feel and smoother action
  • Uses original friction plates, drive plates, and basket or the Billet basket also from EVR