1199/1299/959 Panigale Dual Color Clear Wet Clutch Cover, Billet Ergal & Plexiglass, Color: Black / x

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 This All new design of the Clear Wet Clutch Cover by Ducabike will really make your bike stand out!  Machined from Billet aluminum with a specially treated Plexiglass cover that resists heat and pressure, this is a fantastic addition to your Panigale!  It features a Black Base and Colored outer ring. And this new design allows you to use the SLI01 Case slider and the Plexiglas Window is replaceable by you.

Installation is easy as it is a direct OE replacement.

In case of a fall, the leading edge of the cover extends past the Plexiglass to protect it from breaking.


Note 1:  The Pressure Ring (CCDV01SM) and Pressure Plate (CCDV05SM or PSF04) is not included but available separately,


Note2:  While this is NOT a bolt on part for the 899 Panigale, it will work if you use the Clutch Side Case Cover from a 1199/1299 (24311274A) or the Ducati Performance Magnesium one (97380081A), as seen on our good friend Christian V's 899 pictured.