1199/1299/959 Panigale Clear Wet Clutch Cover, Billet Ergal & Plexiglass, Color: x

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This Clear Wet Clutch Cover by Ducabike will really make your bike stand out!  Machined from Billet aluminum with a specially treated Plexiglass cover that resists heat and pressure, this is a fantastic addition to your Panigale!

Installation is easy as it is a direct OE replacement.

In case of a fall, the leading edge of the cover extends past the Plexiglass to protect it from breaking.

Note 1:  The Pressure Ring (CCDV01SM) and Pressure Plate (CCDV05SM or PSF04) is not included but available separately,


Note2:  While this is NOT a bolt on part for the 899 Panigale, it will work if you use the Clutch Side Case Cover from a 1199/1299 (24311274A) or the Ducati Performance Magnesium one (97380081A), as seen on our good friend Christian V's 899 pictured.