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How well do your standard-issue brake calipers perform when pushed to the limit on the racetrack? Are you looking for better performance but still facing the issue of finding a solution with an optimal price to performance ratio? 

GP4-RS is the new Brembo monoblock caliper, technology that allows the body to be obtained from a single piece of aluminum, so as to guarantee optimal rigidity. The innovative structure of the GP4-RS, derived directly from the models used in MotoGP, is light and performing, and further enhances the well-known characteristics of power and modulation of Brembo calipers.


The compact body contains an hydraulics consisting of 4 Ø 30 mm pistons. (17RCS ideal brake pump) and has a titanium gray finish. Available only in the 108 mm wheelbase version. and off-set 22.5 mm (the Japanese standard). Sintered tablets included.

The new Brembo GP4-RS One-Piece caliper is the answer you've been waiting for. Designed for racing enthusiasts and for those who want real innovation for their bike's brake calipers, the Brembo GP4-RS was inspired by the one-piece caliper developed for the MotoGP and now available to enthusiasts everywhere.


The new Brembo GP4-RS One-Piece caliper, presented at EICMA 2016, completes the range of Brembo calipers designed for the racetrack. It stands with the GP4-RR and GP4-RX, both of which are billet machined and an absolute gold standard for performance. 

So, if you have a sport bike with a 108 mm inter-axle and visit the racetrack often, there's no more excuses for putting off the upgrade. Not convinced yet? Here's 7 good reasons to upgrade.

1) Lightweight

The GP4-RS one-piece caliper was created using a very complex foundry technique exclusive to Brembo. The result is a caliper that is 10% lighter than the renowned M4 One-Piece, a long-standing champion thanks to such characteristics as rigidity, lightness and accuracy.


2) Cooling

The fins around the pistons are derived from MotoGP systems: these fins allow for efficient heat dissipation when braking. The surface area of the fins exposed to the air is 30% greater compared to calipers without fins. That's no small difference given that this section is subject to significant thermal stress and is located near the brake fluid.


3) Stiffness

​The ribbing on the front section of the pistons was also derived from the MotoGP. Such machining helps protect the caliper from deformations caused by significant braking. The end result is that the system functions with greater accuracy when braking intensely.


4) Unique patents

The fins near the pistons are a characteristic feature of these calipers and are protected by a design model. Thanks to the GP4-RS, you can equip your bike with a solution developed for MotoGP calipers and now available for the first time ever in an upgrade product.


5) Price

The new GP4-RS offers a price to performance ratio specifically suited to those who take their bikes to the racetrack for non-competitive racing. The product was designed and made for those who love speeding through the racetrack and braking at the last minute but who also keep an eye on the cost-benefit ratio.