EVR Clutch Slave For Panigale, Color: x (black or red only)

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Reduce your lever effort with EVR's clutch slave cylinder for your Ducati!
CNC machined from light billet alloy and then given a colored anodized surface finish and a beautiful "race-style" look.

Featuring improved hydraulic seals to prevent leaks and increase durability, It is available in a 28.5mm piston size which they have discovered through testing and research is the most optimum diameter for the piston, balancing reduced effort and increased force to push the clutch the necessary amount for crisp and clean clutch engagement, and available in your choice of 4 beautiful anodized finishes.

Original piston size is 22mm in diameter, resulting in fatigued hands and forearm pump. EVR's clutch slave reduces lever effort by over 25%!