F1 Qualifying Analysis: Ferrari already out of reach in China?

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F1 Qualifying Analysis: Ferrari already out of reach in China?

F1 Qualifying Analysis:


Ferrari already
As tyre struggles leave Mercedes half a second off the pace, Ferrari has a golden chance for a third straight F1 win in China - but it won't be as simple as that.

F1: F1 Qualifying Analysis: Ferrari out of reach in China?

As Lewis Hamilton completed his post-qualifying interviews in Shanghai on Saturday, it was impossible not to hear the disappointment in the voice of the defending Formula 1 world champion.

After all, F1’s qualifying king - statistically undisputed - had not qualified outside of the top three at consecutive races for two years, when technical issues left him down the grid in China and Russia. Based on performance alone, he hadn’t been on such a run since 2014 (Austria and Great Britain).

The confidence that was so eminent at Mercedes after it wiped the floor with Ferrari in qualifying in Australia has taken a sharp turn. Two defeats in two races - both races that could have been won with a little more luck or a little more gusto - have left the German marque on the back foot and in need of a response. But in China, the feeling is that such a response will be forthcoming.

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